Cordia dichotama berry unites

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Nowadays, Cordia dichotoma berries are a ubiquitous addition to dishes in many restaurants; however, according to elderly people, the berries were considered a gourmet food to poorer people in ancient times. During the Cordia dichotoma berry season from May to June each year, it is a common sight in rural areas to see groups of women engaged in the lengthy berry-processing procedure. This traditional annual activity has the added benefit of promoting community cohesion.

Following planting, it takes two years for Cordia dichotoma trees to bear fruit. After that, one gets an annual harvest of berries, which take around 15 hours to process. The finished berries are incorporated into many recipes, including steamed fish, stir-fried bean curd sheet, scrambled eggs, and meatballs, or simply eaten directly. Mrs. Liao Su-jin (廖素金) said the production of Cordia dichotoma berries has been passed down from family to family over generations. Today, however, few people are willing to spend the time required in the lengthy production process, and so this ancient culinary cuisine is gradually disappearing.





Cordia dichotama berry unites